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Powerful, Secure Computing for High-Risk Data

Welcome to Nero GCP

Nero GCP is a shared Big Data Computing Platform specifically designed for High Risk Data. Nero was developed in collaboration with the School of Medicine (SOM) and Stanford Research Computing.

Benefits of Nero GCP:

  • Security: using Nero GCP streamlines the Data Risk Assessment process, as it is already compliant with Stanford’s minimum security requirements for hosting High Risk Data.

  • Cost: significant savings due to Stanford’s preferred pricing with Google Cloud Platform.

  • Tools: common tools such as Jupyter, R, Python, SAS, and Stata, in addition to Big Query, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and other cloud tools.

  • Support: Stanford Research Computing offers onboarding, training, and 1:1 support

Nero is available to any team led by a researcher with Principal Investigator privileges at Stanford (e.g.: faculty, or researchers with a PI waiver) working with high-risk data.