Nero On-Premise is no longer available. If you need compute resources for a project please reach out to us about a Nero GCP project

Nero is a shared Big Data Computing Platform specifically designed for High Risk Data developed in collaboration with the School of Medicine (SOM) and Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC).

This computing environment leverages both private cloud (Nero on-premise) and public cloud (Nero Cloud) computing environments to address the significant demand for a secured computational environment to work with PHI and other high risk data at scale. Nero is integrated with University regulations like the Data Risk Assessment and compliant with Stanford’s minimum security requirements for hosting High Risk Data.

Nero is available to any team led by a researcher with Principal Investigator privileges at Stanford (e.g.: faculty, or researchers with a PI waiver) working with exclusively with high-risk data. (Check out SRCC’s website for research compute environments dedicated to low and moderate risk data). Users can request Nero on-premise as well as Nero Cloud computing environments, depending on their needs.

Getting Started with Nero

To start using Nero you will need to complete some Prerequisites.