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Connect to Nero

Let’s get started!

These instructions are for connecting to a single-user Nero instance using a terminal and web browser.

If your lab or group is on a multi-user Nero instance, your experience will be entirely web-based. Ask your PI or teammates for the link.

Connect to Stanford’s VPN

Connect to the Stanford full-traffic VPN. You will need to be on the full-traffic VPN to connect to Nero. If you have trouble connecting, now or in the future, check that you are on full-tunnel and not split-tunnel.

Install cloud tools

To interact with the instance, you’ll need to install the gcloud CLI SDK tools on your computer:

Download the installer and follow its prompts to install via your terminal.

You will be prompted to log in via your browser as part of the installation. If you don’t receive a prompt, you can enter gcloud auth login in your terminal to launch the signin page.

Follow the prompt via your web-browser to authenticate using your Stanford credentials and grant the required permissions.

Connect to your VM/Project

optional: enter your VM and Project names below and click the Generate button to generate commands with your variables pre-filled

Power on your VM

This step can be done on the command line, or via your web browser. Click the button to copy the text to your clipboard.

Command Line/Terminal

Web Browser

Connect to localhost

Once powered on, connect to it from the command line with:

Then, open a new web browser tab and go to localhost:8080.

Turn It Off

Remember to turn off the instance after you’re done working. You can do this via the web console, or from the command line using the text below.