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Moving Data to Nero GCP

Putting Data in the Bucket

In the cloud, we store data in buckets. Buckets are like the folders on your laptop, you can have as many buckets inside of your project as you need, and fine-tune each bucket’s access settings to keep your data secure.

Most people will access their storage via the GCP Console.

There are two sets of command-line tools, the older gsutil and the newer gcloud.


The cost of storing your buckets of data is related to the size of the data and to how often you access the data.

By default, buckets are set to go into deeper storage the longer they are untouched. This is ideal for most use cases, but needs to be considered as part of a larger data strategy.

Soft Delete

By default, manually deleting data performs a soft delete; the data no longer appears in your bucket but it can be retrieved or restored within a pre-set period.

The default setting is 7 days, meaning your data is truly deleted after a week. Users with Storage Admin privileges can set a soft delete policy each bucket using the [GCP console][url_soft_delete_uxs]. The maximum soft delete delay is 90 days.

The best answer for each bucket will depend on your data strategy and budget. Have questions? Help is available!