Nero is a shared Big Data Computing Platform specifically designed for High Risk Data developed in collaboration with the School of Medicine (SOM) and Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC). Nero is PHI compliant and operated by the Stanford Research Computing Center.

This computing environment leverages both private cloud and public cloud computing environments to address the significant demand for a secured computational environment to work with PHI and other high risk data at scale.

Nero is available to any researcher working at Stanford. However, in order to use Nero for High Risk and PHI data, the researcher must go through a Data Risk Assessment for each new data set brought into the environment. Stanford Information Security Office (ISO) and the University Privacy Office (UPO) evaluate projects based on all applicable security and privacy laws and regulations as well as University policy. Once the DRA is approved, the dataset can be brought on the Nero platform.

Getting Started with Nero On-Premise

To start using Nero On-Premise you will need to complete User and Data Prerequisites.