Overview of Nero Google Cloud Prerequisites

The following is an overview of the steps for getting started with Nero Google Cloud.

Step 1 - Consult meeting with Nero team

Before getting a project set up in GCP for you research team, the Nero team will meet with you and discuss your project requirements. Please send email to srcc-support@stanford.edu with subject: “Nero GCP consult meeting”

Step 2 - Complete Data Prerequistes

All users who will utilize Nero Google Cloud will need to complete the Data Prerequisites

Step 3 - Submit SNOW ticket for Nero GCP Project Creation

The Nero team will provide you the specific SNOW form link, use the following instructions for filling out the form.

  1. Select “Used for High Risk Data?” and “Used for PHI Data?”
  2. Under “Which organization are you working with?” –> select Nero Project
  3. In the Project Name box, please also include your DRA number
  4. Project Owner should be the Stanford Faculty member who is the Principal Investigator, PI”
  5. Provide the Project Task Award (PTA) number and corresponding information

Cost for using GCP

Cloud infrastructure costs are passed through to faculty via PTA# to cover the explicit GCP costs and within the first year we will define labor recovery costs.